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OCG 1911 Custom Services

Polishing & Detailing Factory Weapons.
As we all have seen the quality of our stock / out of box 1911's are diminishing due to outsourcing and poor quality control standards in the industry as a whole. We know how to make the best out of your out of box weapon.

$125.00 Custom parts are additional

Includes: Complete Disassembly and fine honing and polishing of all moving parts. Hand stoning trigger guide. Inspection
and deburring of all part assembly's. Final fit barrel to Slide including checking link issues. Re-tension extractor, Check
frame to slide fit and adjust. Adjust trigger over travel and all spring tensions. Check and re-peen safety spring tube
&\ejector if needed.

Additional Services can be added to this package as required. See some of the upgrade options listed below. 
If going this route we suggest at least upgrading to an adjustable trigger.

The true heart of the 1911 acurization process. Barrel and bushing choices are many. Upgrading your factory non-ramped
barrel to a hand fit bushing adding a national match barrel will improve your groups tremendously. Or go full blown
and also improve reliability while allowing for a  wider projectile choice by cutting the frame to accept a fully ramped
barrel. I hand fit each and every bushing from undersized blanks. All Barrels are oversized for custom fitting to your slide. Manufacturers photos for examples NOT OCG.

Non Ramped ---------------Ramped

LLowered/Flared Ejection Port
 Lowering and flaring your ejection port is a sure fire way to bring up your weapons reliability factor. Add an extended ejector for quicker consistent shell ejection.

Above: Slightly Lowered with Flaring
Below: Bigmouth Cut And Extended Ejector

Sight Work
We offer and install any manufactures sight system on the market today. From simple fittings to machining for Novak style low mounts. Custom setups/machining and custom front post fabrication available upon request

Recent Install On a New 1911-A1 Of an XS Systems Night Sight cutting the dovetail from a GI Narrow Talon style slide.
(This is OCG Machine Work)

Safety's Of All Types
Always choose a safety that fits your hand and style of shooting. We carry and install ANY safety and do custom machining & grinding of aftermarkets if requested.

Left to Right:
Combat - Standard Ambi
Low Mount - Wide Ambi
(Factory Aftermarket Photos)

Triggers, Sears & Hammers

 We offer and install any manufactures trigger system and don't forget the sear and hammer upgrade to get a crisp light trigger pull after applying our polishing. Custom machining from blanks also available upon request.
My Custom Trigger Jobs ONLY utilize Oversize Triggers So They Can Be Matched To Your Specific Trigger Guide.

I Install All Leading Manufacturers Hammers & Sears.
My Custom Trigger Jobs Utilize Off The Shelf Products Which Are Re-Ground To My Specifications Of Angles & Heights.
In My Shop There Is No Such A Thing As A "Drop In" System. Everything Is Hand Stoned and Fit ! !

Beaver Tail Conversions
We do drop in fittings as well as frame cut conversions. Remember you will need to bob the existing hammer or
install another hammer if yours is a factory spur.
See hammers above.
Frame Cuts require refinishing unless you have stainless.

-----No Frame Cut-----------Frame Cut------

Bobtail Conversions

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