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OCG Fabrication Services

OCG utilizes 3D CAD modeling of existing parts for authentic restorations of prized weapons of all types. Grandpa's hammer can be remade or a new concept can be created and installed.

Each project is looked upon differently and each project parts are made differently. If a design or replacement part can be made by Manual or CNC machining, work drawings are made to spec and either machined in house or sublet to a local jobber with a 5 axis machine and wire EDM capabilitys. There are some designs and parts that must be hand cut and fit the olds school way with nothing more than files and stones and we have this capability.

OCG can buid and create most anything but you the customer has to realize this is very time consuming specialized work that takes serious skills and is not the cheapest thing to do.

We can do all the stuff you see on all the new popular TV shows but what the shows DON'T show you is how much real time and money is spent on these types of projects. The other issue is I definitly DO NOT do the "I have to build it in a week or the world blows up" kind of projects as I only do Quality Work however long it takes.w


Here is an example of a restoration in progress. The replacement lock is being hand cut from normal bar stock to replace a missing part which was made by another gunsmith in the 1940's to repair a broken off rib intergal / soldered lock. Obviously the origional repair was done incorrectly and could cause the barrels to seperate when fired. My customer wanted to see the weapon like he saw it when carried by his father so we made some un-seen improvments to to the origional repair.
Here the part is being final fited to the action. While resoldering the barrels together I inseted two thread guides into the flow and soldered the replacement part into place. The origional repair only had the two screws threaded into the solder flow without the piece itself being soldered. After this proccess the part was final cut by hand to match the rib serations. After final cutting and fitting the part was heat treated and hardened before being final soldered into place and the now purely cosmetic screws set back in place.
This is a Black Powder Replica that the customer wanted a Smith and Wesson 629 grip installed and a custom scope mount created. I believe the intention was to use a replacement cylnder that is chambered in 44mag. Yea, we can make most everything happen.

This Firing Pin Was Made For an 1860's
Exposed Hammer Double Barrel. The Left Lower Pin Was Made By A Smith From Yester-Year. The Top Was Found In The Othe Pin Guide. The RIght Is One Of Two New Pins Made For This Gun.



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