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OCG Refinishing
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OCG utilizes many old world techniques in refinishing weapons in an authentic fashion during most of it's antique restorations. We rely on the OLD WORLD formulas and techniques to take your rusted treasure and make it look like it has been sitting untouched in grandpa's war chest for the last 60 years. We DO NOT do hot dip blueing but utilize many methods of cold blueing and rust blueing to make the weapon look like it has not been refinished. We also offer our trade secret form of glass beading on all Stainless weapons as well as High Polish.

And / OR....

We can put one of the best, newest, cutting edge finishes on your weapon using Cerakote.

The advantage of using OCG for your refinishing headquarters is that you know your weapon will be handled and dismantled completely by a professional smith prior to coloring and will be reassembled and tuned if need be by the same professional smith.

We have seen so many moonlighters not sandblasting, not completely dismanteling and delivering non working guns to customers which explains their cheep prices. Your weapon will be colored by a professional artist not just a someone moonlighting as a painter.

Pricing listed at end of page after pictures of recent projects.

Below is an OCG Custom 1911 for a Security Specialist in a
3 letter Federal Agency we can't mention.

We had to scrape the rusted leather off the 1911
below. The coating partially hid the major pitting.

For the female Zombie Hunter !

Price will be firm quoted when the item arrives at the store.
Below is the color only basic price sheet, see bottom for additional fees.

Rifle barreled action/Shotgun barrel and receiver:
One color - $225
Two color - $250
Three color camouflage - $350
Custom camouflage - POR

Rifle/Shotgun stock:
One color - $50
Two color - $75
Three color camouflage - $100
Custom camouflage - POR

One color - $165
Two color - $215
Three color camouflage - $325
Custom camouflage - POR

Handgun Slides:
One color - $100
Three color camouflage - $150
Custom camouflage - POR

One color - $75
Two color - $100

Rings & Bases:
One color - $50

One color - $25
Any camouflage – POR

Any firearm that has been dipped, factory or aftermarket, will incur a $50
additional fee, any firearm with Dura-Touch™ will incur a $100 fee to coat stocks
Gunsmith fee, disassemble / assembly of firearms - $50
If firearm is too dirty to coat there will be an additional cleaning fee.
Additional fees will apply for rust removal and other buffing and sanding operations if needed.
Price will be firm quoted when item arrives at the store.

If you don't see what your looking for drop us an email or call.