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General Gun Repairs

The OC Gunsmith has been handling general repairs for over 30 years. Our competency comes with all makes and models of Sporting and Military weapons new or old. We have extensive knowledge of Older Weapons Systems most gunsmiths have only heard about and never actually had in their hands. We are not simply a "Parts Replacement Service" as we are a "Weapons Service Specialist" who can diagnose and solve problems the first time.

OCG no longer participates in the Warranty Repair Programs of Manufacturers due to many issues in the industry in general. OCG will however explain the best practices for handling a warranty item with a manufacturer or advise you if the repair should be made by an outside source such as OCG. We will ship and act as a liaison with a manufacturer for direct warranty repair if desired for a fee.

Restorations of weapons is an important part of OCG. When a family heirloom or a priceless find is made we take pride in brining back that "Piece of History" to everything it can be. We are true weapons enthusiasts that enjoy seeing a fine old piece brought back to life for another 50 years of service. We have several proprietary techniques other than simply stripping and blueing we utilize to transform your rusted 1850's double or your 1940's M1 Garand into something that is proud to show. We do old style, float silver soldering, rust blueing etc etc as the original manufactures did so your piece will be as authentic as possible. We also enlist several newer coating techniques to produce a truly one of kind piece if desired.
Please email or call if you have any questions about a potential restoration.

Our fabrication and Parts Department can usually find most parts and if replacements are not available we can usually fabricate what is needed. Fabrication does have costs however and should be utilized on a piece by piece basis taking into account the value of the weapon. OCG does allow the customer to find and purchase parts on their own for us to install.

Please email or call if you have any questions about a potential repair.

OCG does NOT work on Air guns of any kind, Air soft or Starters Pistols.

OCG is NOT a "California Assault Weapons Dealer" and cannot accept any weapon that does not meet CA DOJ approval over night. I CAN however do repairs and instalations on your CA DOJ legal Assault Weapon and Class II units while you are present at my shop along with your weapon (I check Paper Work). OCG CAN'T reconfigure an assault type weapon from its original import specification by means of machine work. OCG CAN'T
do any machine work to ANY receiver sold as 90% built. It is against Federal Law for a Dealer to MANUFACTURE a receiver without a Manufacturers permit and the receivers getting a serial number and transfered through the CA DOJ DROS system. You as a single person can legaly finish your 90% receiver for your own usage and obtain / pay for your own serial number through required federal registration. The CA DOJ will definitly have isuues with your unserialized receiver if you are found to have one. (Dont believe everything you read in the forums)

Please email or call if you have any questions BEFORE bringing in a questionable weapon.

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