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OCG Rifle Custom Services

OCG offers all types of custom rifle services from simple drilling and taping for mounts to full blown long range bechrest shooting setups. We do Hunting, Benchrest and Military Style setups. We also offer Magazine and Compensator pinning services that meet CADOJ Specifications.

Glass bedding and installation of custom stocks using our proprietary metal infused bedding material.

Gives us a call with your need and I am sure we can provide the service. CUSTOM is our middle name.

Barrel Cutting, Crowning, Threading & Fitting of All Long & Handguns.
Installation of All Off The Shelf Muzzle Brakes.
We Are A Factory Authorized Installation Center For KDF Muzzle Brakes!
Design & Installation of CUSTOM BUILT Muzzle Brakes For High Power Applications.
Complete Custom Builds & Blueprinting Of High Power Riffles.
Complete Custom Revolver Builds, Custom Barrel Design & Installation.
Have a New product Idea? I do custom prototype building for your company.


Below is recent bedding and Aftermarket Bolt Handle Installation on a Remington 700.

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