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              Shipping To The Orange County Gunsmith.

Please contact The Orange County Gunsmith at (949)306-2028, Orange Country Restoration Service (OCRS) at (657) 888-4059or e-mail us at to discuss the type of work you are interested in having done on your firearm. If an agreement is made between the customer and The Orange County Restoration Service, we will provide you with a Service Confirmation Work Order and Work Order Number via e-mail, or fax.


As to the types of weapons we will not work on see the section labeled Service Exceptions below.

 Shipping and Handling Procedures and Policies. 

Handguns and Long Guns may be shipped by individuals directly to Orange County Restoration Service for repair / restoration, and can be legally returned to the customer directly. We will also accept your work from a FFL Dealer of your choice however the weapon will be shipped back to that FLL for final disposition to you after services are rendered.

 Shipping Address:

The Orange County Restoration Service
1135 W Barkley Ave. Suite C
Orange, CA 92868

When sending your weapon you MUST include a legible color copy of your Driverís License or other State approved ID along with the Work Order we will send you from above. The Work Order Number must be clearly and in Large Letters be written on the outside of the box as well as the return name and address as listed on the supplied identification or IT WILL BE REFUSED FROM THE CARRIER AND RETURNED.

 We will ONLY return ship the finished product to the address on the ID or a Licensed FFL of your choice. NO EXCEPTIONS. If we do not receive a legible copy of your ID with the package we will ONLY ship your item back to a Licensed FFL of your choosing for final disposition to you. We do not accept any work from outside of the Continental U.S. and we will only ship to the same.


We STRONGLY SUGGEST that the weapon be put into a plastic hard case prior to being boxed up in a durable cardboard box all of which has sufficient padding to avoid damage in transit. INSURE the package for the FULL REPLACEMENT value of all goods.  When we return the product we will re-use the same packaging. OCRS will ONLY charge the true cost of shipping the item back unless we have to provide a plastic case or your outer box is destroyed on the inbound run and we have to re-box and or provide more packaging materials.

 Upon Receipt Of Your Package:

 We will inspect the item / package for initial freight damage. If any is found we will notify you immediately so you can initiate an insurance claim.

The weapon will then be inspected for the services requested. We will e-mail, or fax you a detailed, written final quote within two business days once we have examined the firearm based on the actual condition of the item being serviced. You have 5 calendar days to reply to our quote and to send the necessary deposit for the requested services as listed below. We will accept CC/DB Cards via phone and/or Money Orders ONLY. Please DO NOT send us any written Credit Card Information via email or in the packaging.

 We reserve the right NOT to provide service to any weapon at our sole discretion. Please see Service Exceptions: below. If we decide not to provide service, OCRS will ship the weapon back AS-IS at your cost. If we receive ANY weapon that is blatantly Illegal we will immediately turn it over to our local Sheriffís Department or ATF Office and they will handle the disposition of the Illegal Weapon. 

Jobs with a total of less than $500.00, and no more than $999.00, will require 25% of the quoted price, with the remainder paid upon completion + Return Shipping. Jobs with a total of $1,000.00 or more require a deposit of 35% of the quoted price, with the remainder paid upon completion + Return Shipping. There are no exceptions.

 Working On Your Item:

OCRS will make every attempt to include the cost of all the necessary work / repairs in the initial quote. However, if any unforeseen / additional repairs are necessary, OCRS will notify the customer with the additional work and cost before finishing the project, and, will only proceed after receiving written authorization from the customer. This happen primarily when a restoration is started and unforeseen damage, rust or other factors arise during the course of operation.

 When the Work is Finished:

OCRS will notify the customer via phone or e-mail when their service project is complete. Payment is due within 5 calendar days of this notice. If payment is not received in full after the 5 calendar days, OCRS will notify the customer by certified mail (USPS) that the balance is still outstanding. Failure to pay the invoice in full within 15 business days of receipt of the USPS-certified letter will result in the abandonment of the firearm. Abandoned firearms will become the property of OCRS at which point the firearm will be sold through an FFL of Orange County Restoration Serviceís choosing, for market value price (as determined by Orange County Restoration Service) to cover the costs of services. When your item is shipped back to you will be advised of a Carrier and Tracking Number. All shipments will be shipped and packaged as mentioned above with insurance.

 When You Receive Your Finished Project:

Inspect your package Immediately for Freight Damage. Notify OCRS immediately so we can start an insurance claim with the carrier.

 The customer will have 5 business days from the delivery confirmation date to contact Orange County Restoration Service regarding dissatisfaction or concerns about quality of work.

 If the reason for the return is a result of work done by Orange County Restoration Service, then we will cover all shipping & handling costs from the customer, plus the shipping & handling costs back to the customer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee the quality of the workmanship of the services we provide.

 If the reason for the return is the result of damage or additional modifications done by the customer, then the customer will pay the shipping & handling to and from Orange County Restoration Service. We only guarantee our work. We do NOT warranty other manufacturerís products. If the problem is with the part OCRS must get paid for replacing or fitting the bad part. Shipping will be at the customerís expense.

 Even though we test fire final products prior to shipment, if a feeding problem arises (especially with 1911ís and 22 pistols), then please contact your OCRS service representative. We have found a wide variance in both 45ACP and 22LR ammunition, and many products out there are substandard in their loadings; especially bulk-pack ammo.

 Before contacting us try a couple of different types of FACTORY full power rounds first. Then, if your weapon functions, but you still want to shoot substandard ammo, please contact OCRS so we can devise a method that will work for you.

  Service Exceptions:

We will not accept ANY un-serialized 80% lower either in rifle or pistol form. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We have taken this stance to keep the DOJ off of us. We do however have a local Class 7 manufacturer of weapons nearby that we can refer you to for getting service on this type of weapon. Our gunsmith does the work at their facility which includes Cerakoting.

Orange County Restoration Service is NOT a "California Assault Weapons Dealer" and cannot accept any weapon that does not meet CA DOJ approval from CA residents as it is illegal for us to return them to you.

Prior to shipping OCRS your weapon, make sure it is LEGAL for you to own in your state in the configuration it leaves our shop. OCRS abides by every State and Federal firearms law. We work closely with CA DOJ, BATFE, or our local law enforcement contacts to stay informed of all relevant firearms laws. But, we are not a law firm. Orange County Restoration Service CANNOT offer any legal advice pertaining to firearms, or answer any other firearms-related inquiries. However, we can refer you to our CA DOJ, BATFE, or local law enforcement contacts upon request. The bottom line is: if you canít get the firearm from your local dealer in its final configuration, we cannot do the augmentation/customization, and we WILL send it back to you at YOUR expense.

We will not convert Black Powder Pistols to center fire ammunition by fitting cylinders.

We will not work on ANY weapon we think is dangerous and unserviceable by our sole discretion.

 By Sending Us Your Weapon You Agree To The Following...

Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

You acknowledge and agree to the following by sending us your weapon for service--

In consideration of the mutual promises set forth below in the body of this contract, the customer and OCRS agree to the following:
OCRS shall undertake gunsmithing work as set forth in the Work Order ticket supplied by OCRS.

The customer is informed, realizes and understands that any alterations which the customer has requested to be done to the customer's gun, pursuant to the Work Order, may release the Manufacturer from any liability for any accident should any occur.  

The customer recognizes, realizes, and by reading and signing the Work Order, understands that by the customer's request that these changes or repairs occur, that the customer is also releasing OCRS; both individually, and in any business form; from any liability should any accident occur because of the requested changes, alterations, or repairs made by OCRS.

The customer will indemnify and defend the OCRS from all liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property arising from or related to the performance of the agreement including, without limitation, all consequential damages whether or not resulting from the negligence of OCRS, customer or customer's agent.

This agreement supersedes and all other agreements either oral or in writing, between the customer and OCRS with respect to the subject of this contract. This contract contains all of the covenants and agreements between the parties with respect to the gunsmithing work pursuant to the Work Order and each party to this contract acknowledges that no representations, inducements, promises or agreements have been made by or on behalf of any party, except those covenants and agreements embodied in this contract. No agreement, statement or promise not contained in this contract shall be binding or valid. 

If any legal action, including a legal action in contract law, tort law or criminal law, including an action for declaratory relief is brought to enforce or interpret the provisions of this contract, or a suit of liability; then, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees from the other party. These fees which may be set by the court in the same action or in a separate action, brought for that purpose, are in addition to any other relief to which the prevailing party may be entitled.

The validity of this agreement and any of its terms or provisions, as well as the rights and duties of the parties under this agreement, shall be construed pursuant to and in accordance with the laws of the State of California.

 If any term of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, the remainder of the contract terms shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be affected.

We guarantee our labor work for 30 days on the job as described in the work order. Because the parts may be new or used; OCRS does not guarantee the parts. Replacement of failed parts will incur additional labor, paid for by the customer.

 It is the customerís responsibility to adhere to all local, state, and Federal laws for requesting, for the usage of, or for possession of altered parts and/or assemblies in the final assembly of the working gun; and, will hold the OCRS harmless from any liability for their usage, or possession if deemed to be a criminal offense by any standing authority: Federal law, State law, County ordnance, City ordnance, or any other governing entity.

 The customer agrees that they have carefully read and understand this Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. By shipping any firearm or firearms-related parts or accessories to Orange County Restoration Service; or, by participating in any firearms-related activities with Orange County Restoration Service (including, but not limited to: educational classes, workshops, seminars, competitions, social gatherings, ETC); the customer agrees to and implies consent to all of the above named policies of Orange County Restoration Service.


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