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OCG Revolver Custom Services

OCG offers several custom revolver packages for Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, Dan Wesson, others & Cowboy Single Actions. Below is just a sampling of the type of work we perform and can be applied to most good quality revolvers.
Call or email for services not listed as we do most everything.

Basic Cleaning and Check $65.00
Includes: Complete Disassembly of all moving parts cleaning and lube, set cylinder end shake, smooth cylinder rotation, set cylinder headspace, check barrel/cylinder gap, check timing (additional cost if correction needed), set spring tensions.

Deluxe Action Job $125.00 +
A Deluxe Action Job  Includes:  All items listed in the Basic Cleaning and Check above plus additional detailing of every action component for a silky smooth action and clean breaking sear. Light pull weight spring settings to your specification. Parts extra if required.
Additional Services can be added to this package as required and will be quoted after first viewing the weapon.  Forcing cone recut, trigger rounded and polished, internal trigger over travel stop, yoke ball detent, cylinder chambers chamfered. 

We Offer and install any manufacturers sight system on the market. Custom machining services are available and custom post configurations are offered. We also cut front sight inserts into ramped posts in a multitude of colors. If it's available we can do it. If it's not available we can create what your looking for.



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