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Political Commentary Below !

Although I realize that this is not the proper venue for my oppinions, I feel I have the right to express my opinion's in whatever manner I choose. I also realize that many of my customers may not agree with my views and I hope they are open minded enough to realize that I respect their opinions as much as I respect mine.

With the most recent developments with the U.S. economy and all the other issues the U.S. has gotten themselves into isnt it time to just STOP THE INSANITY ! Everyone and their brother has an opinion as to how to stop the wars, stop the second impending reccession and get America back to work. All of these plans and idea's all have one thing in common, keep doing what we are doing but find another way to finance it. In my opinion it's kind of like watching a crack head or Alcoholic find new ways to finance their addictions and bullshit everyone around them that there is not a problem here. I have a very simple solution that does not COST anyone anything except our enimies and NON US Citizens. It's called the "JUST STOP PROGRAM".

Stop the outbound money flow NOW!
Stop all the money flow out of this country to anyone who is not a U.S. Citizen and EVERY foreign aid program our Legislators have commited us to. I am talking about any and all foreign aid programs, rebuild your country programs, pay you for your politcal support programs and any other program which resides outside our borders does not put services into the hands of a U.S. Citizen who really needs it. Spend one third of that money IN THE USA ONLY and we save billions of dollars and the Tax Payers get something they can use for their money.

Stop all the wars we fight for other countries. Want us to fight, then give US money.
We are still the most powerfull nation in the world on the battle front. Everyone wants to use us to fight their wars or stop their infighting so fine. Make a portion of our war machine for hire. Want us involved sure, how much gold do you have to give us because we are not free. All the money we spend fighting other people's battles can now be used to DEFEND OUR BORDERS.

Stop all imigration to this country from any nation for a period of 2 years.
We dont know who is here legally or Illegaly. If we stop ALL IMMIGRATION we can get a handle on who is supposed to be here and have the funds to get rid of the ones that are not supposed to be here. With our troops sitting on our borders and in the Airports we can solve this problem in a matter of months. We will also now have the funds to put a proper immigration policy in place and have the means to enforce it.

Stop all foreign entitlement programs and send them back home!
We spend millions of dollars year supporting non US citizens in this country with housing and welfare credits. U.S. familys are STARVING and LIVING IN THE STREETS and they have to pay tax's on what little income they can forage out of this mess of an economy so the feds can give it to a non citizen to be in this country.

Stop all foreign work visa programs and send them home!
Microsoft has recently stated that their are not enough IT technicians and other engineering personell in this country to fill the jobs currently being offered. Their solutions was to get more qualified FOREIGN technicians here to fill the spots and have given the federal govenment millions to make that happen.
What about U.S. Citizens Microsoft. As an IT technician myself I know how outrageously expensive it is to get certified with Microsft products and the products of many other Vendors. Instead of spending millions to attract Foreign works how about spending that money on training U.S. Citizens to use your products in a fast paced learning enviroment that is NOT EXPENSIVE. Instead of handing a guy a check because he is out of work make it half food credit and half REAL WORLD TRAINING to get him BACK TO WORK.